The 10 domains

The canvas adresses the following themesĀ :

  • Sense making dimensions
    • When you start working as a team and you want a creative and sustainable collaboration, you need to “fuel” it in the right way. Motivation, purpose should be nourished all along the collaboration. It is a dimension which is too often overlooked.
      • Purpose
      • Personal motivations
  • Action based dimensions
    • With who do we work together, with what governance, how do we interact, we are in the very basics of any collaboration.
      • Social architecture
      • Governance & habits
      • Interactions
      • Trust & Mindset
  • Enabling dimensions
    • Depending on the type of collaboration and the maturity of it, you may consider the following supporting areas:
      • Virtual environment
      • Physical environment
      • Feedback loop
      • Skills development

The choice of the domains to consider is based on my experience. I chose those which I think will enable to tackle a great variety of collaborations and those that will feel easy to start with. Of course there are many more different domains involved in collaboration, andĀ domains can overlap each other. Presently, there are 10 areas on the canvas, this is elaborated enough to touch a wide variety of aspects and at the same time it isn’t too wide so anyone can remember easily the 10 areas.

Relations with the areas

Most of the 10 areas are closely intertwined, hereafter some potential relations between these:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 16.05.59

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