The key question is:

How should the process tip over the individual responsibility to a collective one?

Nature, mankind, relationships: everything evolves, pushed by a strong energy, driven by a higher purpose, to adapt, to grow, to transform, to live.” by Frédéric Laloux

Purpose is the major motivator, be it individual or organizational. This is why we cannot invest enough energy and time in defining, together, why we do what we do. At a higher level, we’ll speak about a “Evolutionary Purpose” (link)


  • What is the purpose, the intention of this collaboration? Why do we work on this?
  • What are the objectives? And the objective of the objective?
  • Can I link the collaboration to a meaningfull vision?
  • By how much is the success of this collaboration depending on the active participation of the people, on diversity, on creativity?
  • By how far is the group co-creating its purpose and by how far is it imposed?


  • Choose a project/collaboration in which you are currently heavily involved
  • WHY
    • Could you state why there is this project? As to you, is this shared by all members?
  • HOW
    • How will you get there?
  • WHAT
    • What you do? What are the ultimate “deliverables”?
  • Rate on 10 how much you would give for every topic


  • Nine Whys
    • With breathtaking simplicity, you can rapidly clarify for individuals and a group what is essentially important in their work. You can quickly reveal when a compelling purpose is missing in a gathering and avoid moving forward without clarity.


  • How great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek, on TED

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