New site for the Collaboration Canvas

Welcome to this new site dedicated to Collaboration

I decided to move the pages from my site to a dedicated site on Collaboration. The prlmary purpose is to have more focus and clarity around this approach or framework. But there is another reason. The idea is to build a collaborative hub on collaboration, a place where people share their ideas, concepts, tools on this subject. Most of us need to collaborate on a daily level but when you take some time to analyse how we collaborate, we may find issues and challenges.

I am currently in the┬áprocess of initiating this project, I will make my project “emerge” using the opportunity of the U.Lab 2.0 MOOC starting on 10th September 2015. Hopefully, a first prototype of my project should become visible begin of 2016!

If any people feel they would like to contribute, you’re welcome, just let me know.