Social Structure

Which tools of Collective Intelligence do you know?
Are you tapping into the power of Collective Intelligence?

How to involve which stakeholder?


  • Do we know with who to collaborate?
  • Do we know the expectations of specific stakeholders?
  • How do we involve the stakeholders? Can we ensure the involvement is sufficient?
  • What are the power levels, attitudes, interests of the stakeholders?
  • How do the people relate in the organizational framework?
  • Can we identify relevant networks, tribes, communities?
  • Which types of groups are involved (teams, communities of practice, formal & informal networks, …?


  • Which tools of Collective Intelligence do you know?
  • By how much are we tapping into the power of Collective Intelligence?
  • Which stakeholders are important here?
  • What do you know about their perspectives and expectations?


  • World Café, How to engage many people (15 to over 1000) around a few powerful questions.
  • Open Space Technology, same objective as above but the people themselves choose the most important questions.
  • Metaplan, an easy technique to involve a small group of people:
  • Expectation Matrix
  • What I Need From You” (WINFY)
    • People working in different functions and disciplines can quickly improve how they ask each other for what they need to be successful
  • Dialogue Interviews
    • Dialogue interviews are intended to engage the interviewee in a reflective and generative conversation. This tool can be used to prepare for projects, workshops, or capacity building programs.
    • Link
  • Stakeholder Interviews: some powerful questions (from Theory U):
    • What is your most important objective, and how can I help you realize it? (What do you need me for?)
    • What criteria do you use to assess whether my contribution to your work has been successful?
    • If I were able to change two things in my area of responsibility within the next six months, what two things would create the most value and benefit for you?
    • What barriers in the current systems or other issues have made it difficult for people in my role to meet your expectations?
    • Click here for an introduction by Otto Scharmer
  • Social Network Webbing
    • Map Informal Connections and Decide How to Strengthen the Network to Achieve a Purpose (60 min.)
    • Link
  • “What I Need From You” (WINFY)
    • Surface Essential Needs Across Functions and Accept or Reject Requests for Support (55-70 min.)
    • Link

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